since 2009 for your exclusive luxury bridal fashion, the Indonesian modern Kebaya, dress. 

ONL-LINE  we deliver from Bali, entirely to the wishes of the bride.

We offer exclusive kebaya's, design & tailor-made​​, colors and materials any kind, for the bride to be, future husband and family.

Our clients are from all over the World. France, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Malaysia, New Macedonia, South Africa, Canada and America.  

Because marriage is a very special day for both, nothing can't be wrong and a beautiful wedding dress should not be missed.

All eyes are on the bride, how is she dressed? What color? What kind of material? Oooh,  she looks gorgeous. Your wedding day is already perfect, and what will say the groom....?

Affordable creations for you dream weddingdress, custom made ​​for you. Together we work on your design. Every wedding kebaya is unique, by the model, composition, fabrics and colors.

Please take a note, that making a weddingkebaya takes about 8 weeks, depending on model and material. Don't wait too long with your order!

The packages we ship with FedEx, TNT, DHL or EMS Indonesian Pos, the shipping costs depend on the weight and destination. 


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